2024 Specialty Camps

Mountain Biking Camp ages 9 - 14

7/15 - 7/19/2024 - $300/week

Enrollment is open. 

This year we are offering a one week session of Mountain Biking Camp. Campers abilities will be assessed and activities will align with those abilities. 

  • Beginner Mountain Biking 
    • Riders at this level should be able to start, stop, turn, and pedal up small hills on their own and in a controlled way. The goal in this group is to improve these skills and get the riders acquainted with riding on trails, practicing on mostly flat or low-grade terrain with some roots, rocks, and hills. 
  • Intermediate Mountain Biking 
    • ​Riders at this level should be comfortable riding on rolling/hilly terrain with some roots and rocks. The primary focus in this group is to improve fitness and technical skills, working up to a full day on the Ascutney Trails.

Adventure Sampler - $300/week 

Enrollment is open

  • Adventure Sampler - ages 12-15: July 29 - August 2
    • A week of camping, backpacking, boating and other adventure activities. This is an overnight camp that will take place on and off site.