Why the Y?

"Why the Y?" is a collection of videos in which Meeting Waters YMCA volunteers, donors and staff members share their "Y Story"--why they choose to contribute their time and/or financial resources in support of the mission, services and impacts of Meeting Waters YMCA.

Susan Fortier: MWYMCA Executive Director talks about her 40+ years of involvement with the Y.

Antonia Andreoli: Former MWYMCA Board Member and ongoing donor talks about why she supports us.

Stacy Garciadealba: Former Board Member and former Site Director of Y-ASPIRE in BF talks about why she works for MWYMCA.

Cyndi Cain Fitzgerald: Former MWYMCA Board member and ongoing donor talks about her experience with MWYMCA as the mother of a program participant and staff member.

Lindsey Erickson: Former Site Director of Y-ASPIRE @ Dummerston School tells us about her work with MWYMCA when she was in high school, at two other Ys during and after college, and her return to MWYMCA over five years ago. 

Sean Fortier: Former MWYMCA Program Director talks about his 17 years at camp--nine as a camper and eight as a staff member.

Emily Hewes: Former Site Director of Y-ASPIRE @ Green Street School and seven year Y Day Camp staff member talks about how her work with MWYMCA and her college studies are preparing her for a career in Human Services.